(Okay so this post I wrote on 12/31/08, but I never finished. So I thought today being Syd's birthday it'd be appropriate) I don't believe in soulmates, but I believe in soul-friends! Let me tell you a liiiiittle story: This one time there was this girl named Xachel. She comes from a little town where there aren't much of her kind. One day she graduates her school at home and decides she wants to go onto seemingly bigger and better things. She goes to a far away land called Utah. She settles in a little city called Provo. She goes al universidad. It is referred to as BYU. She ends up living in a prison cell called a dorm room and soon meets her fellow inmate she'll be bunking with. This girls name is Kydney. Now Kydney and Xachel hit it off, but just as good aquaintances. As they continue to do more of their time they start hanging out with eachother. This hangout becomes LATE, LATE night pillow talks. These pillow talks turn into exchanges of secrets. Before they knew it Kydney and Xachel were the best of friends. They left that college town and went their separate ways for summer. The following year, due to a series of unfortunate events, these two were not planning on being bunkmates, yet, fate had it's way and gave V2 a juvinile delinquent roomate, so these two girls were once again united. Throughout this year, there were less friends around and these two filled that need for eachother. They were inseparable. Their friendship keeps growing between the nightly spooning, day/nighttime chats, and avoiding boys like: mohawk boy, clammy boy, fred flinstone, Rusty; and by experiencing things like: camp trips from hell, ER visits, horrific boy experiences and more. Who knows where this friendship will go. But for now, today is Kydney's birthday, so hopefully everyone gives her lots of lovin! Syd is: the best thrift store shopper I know the best artist so funny spontaneanous if forced daredevil numb to scary things athletic smart stylish beautiful honest sarcastic spiritual strong-in every way curvy-licious one of the best writers I know poised classy


  1. this is 1000000000% true. i love both of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYD!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA most amazing blog yet. kuddos! kydney is killer. seriously.
    "yet, fate had it's way and gave V2 a juvinile delinquent roomate..." i died at that. who would've thunk.
    you forgot to write, "reasons i don't like sydney"
    1. my mom likes Sydney more than me and my sister


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