Ever played this game?
A couple years ago, Dani & I were making our seasonal commute from TN to UT. Ma & Pa gave me this game bc our family never played it much.  They never will know how many friends this game has made me.  From playing & lending. ANWAY. So, Dani's wallet had been stollen, but after a long series of events she was able to be let into the airport.  We kept talking about how glad we were that she was able to get through security. We then decided it wasn't such a grand idea to be talking about this over & over in the airport. I had catch phrase in my back pack & when you press start it gives the word you need to get your team to guess & it beeps really loud & begins to go faster & faster until the time is up! So, Dani body slammed my backpack as we were walking down the plane aisle..."beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep." As I scrambled through my backpack frantically to make it stop. After I stopped it Dani brings up the fact that that couldn't have looked very good.... & we both laughed hysterically...for the entire flight. BAHAHAH

I hope that story could even tap into the experience. though nothing could do it justice. I will now be packing catch phrase very carefully.
I was just reminded of that story, bc it just happened again...
in my class. Kristin had borrowed it last weekend.


p.s. I graduate 1 month from today!!!!!!


  1. Hahahaha! We once heard a strange noise in our basement for days. We could NOT figure out what it was or where it was coming from. FInally, we discovered the Taboo game buzzer was compressed in the box. Not nearly as hysterical as the airport incident, but I felt like it was relevant. Ha! :)

  2. That really is hysterical! I can totally see julie and I laughing hysterically through the whole flight over something like that too!

  3. You girls just keep me laughing!


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