WOW life is crazy busy! I couldn't be more happy! We have been able to see Weston's family 2x this week already & then we're going down to see them this weekend.  Grandpa Brink is not doing well at all. Please pray for him.  He is an incredible man that I & anyone to come in contact with him, have been blessed to know!

 Just some random phone photos.
 This is how I look in Weston's eyes, beautiful, right?
I particularly love how he captured my split ends so nicely!
Atleast I know I have an hourglass figure
... & fingers that got stuck in a light socket!
 I went blonde again. Oh holy day.
 Monday night dindin w/ Weston's familiy at Applebee's. Wonderful!!
Of course we had to take advantage of the balloon lady (who Weston knew from his mission, go figure!)
 Grandpa Brink wasn't feeling too well. 
Utah Highway Patrol has never been so proud of an officer.
He was begging to try on the Nemo crown.
Lyss & I tonight at dinner!
Please don't mind my stress-driven, make-up-struggling, nasty-haired look.
It's one I've been accomplishing quite well lately. 
& yes it is 10:45 & I am still on campus tonight.
& yes I haven't been home since 7am this morning.
& yes I'll stop whining now.
I'm happy to be able to blog tonight :)

Life is good, I couldn't ask for anything more than a loving family! A supportive husband! An intuitive mother. Understanding parents. Incredible school that upholds its morals.
I have the greatest most blessed life!


speaking of burning....
My hubby is Draper's newest IA Firecrew member!! He is so happy & so am I! We are still looking at a couple other options still with some other fire squads, but we're happy that he got offered that job. IA crew is the one he wanted bc it's Initial Attack & because he already has experience & is so dang awesome, they snatched him! Basically, initial attack teams get called out first. WHICH =more fires=more $$


  1. You are such a babe! Love the wavey, blonde hurr! :)

  2. Your mother told me about the balloon lady, and that is amazing that you met up! Nice fun write up and pictures! So sorry to hear about Grandpa Brink not doing well right now. I know it is a worry for everyone. I'll certainly put him in my prayers, Rachel and Weston! Love you guys!


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