Happy Birthday Brother-Bear!

Today Spencie is 18!


Is this the same little boy w/ the cheese allergies?  Or the one that screamed crying his first few years of life?  Or the one that wouldn't swallow his pills Christmas morning?

My little Spence is all growed up!

He's going to be graduating high school in 2 months. & I wish so badly I could be there for it. After all he was at mine & will be at my college grad.  He is also the same boy that would sled down the stairs w/ me on blankets or an actual sled.  He's also the one that used to think he was a dog.  Or the little one we always made fun of for having such a huge head for his tiny body.  Or the one kristin & i fed sour cream on ice cream but told him it was coolwhip. He's the one Dani & I used to play with like he was our baby doll. We loved when Spencer was born & the home videos of us holding him in the hospital are so awkward. We were like,'...uhhh...is he going to steal some of our attention? Bc we're not sure if we're ready for this yet.'

But we love Spencer & even though he did steal our attention & earplugs were on our roadtrip packing lists, we're glad he joined our family!  I am SO excited to have the has-now-grown-into-his-head 6'3" 18 yr old brother out at BYU next year!

& I'm even more superdy glad to be staying here from Idaho!


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