I was up late last night working on this shirt:
{please notice the husband's arm on the bed in the background hah}
After I finished sewing on the buttons, naturally, I was thrilled, so I had to send it to my family!  I sent this picture & another one to my Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Ma & Pa-in law & a couple sisters-in-law. (Poor Deej doesn't get picture texts.)

As I went to send the second picture I remembered as I typed in Dave(FIL's name), one of my church leaders from back home's number comes up first.  His name is Dave too... I frantically checked on my sent texts & sure enough...dear Dave Watson got the first picture I sent out. I was so embarrassed.  I sent a quick text message again, saying I meant to send that to someone else. Wowee..I wanted to climb in a hole.



  1. haha. That just happened to me with an email. It was supposed to go to vicky at church instead it went to vicky my neighbor. Oops, and yes, embarrassing!

  2. I love that you can laugh at yourself!

  3. Hahahaha, maybe he will appreciate your excellent sewing skills.

  4. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHA that is hilarious. thank you for giving me a laugh today.

  5. You are so domestic! Great sewing jobs! Haha, and classic mix-up story. I love it!


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