So, Saint Patrick's Day.
I didn't wear green.

I didn't buy my husband green socks.
Nor did I wake up early to make cute green eggs or anything like that.

It's that wonderful time of the month for me. & I had plans to put green food coloring in this awesome Chicken casserole my mom used to make us growing up. But strangely, when I got home all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch, or die. Yes, I felt THAT great.

So the husband carried me to the couch cacooned me in his Navy Blanket & a pink one for the feet & I slept. & it was the best sleep.  I woke up to dinner made, house fabreezed, dishes DONE.  Love? I think so!

Also, this week has been C2G Choose to Give week at BYU. Where student's volunteer to dance around & ask people for money, it's pretty sweet. I got an e-mail asking me to volunteer too...but decided that I don't like staying on campus at night any longer than I have to, I didn't want to. SO, volunteer I did not.

However, yesterday, I was walkin through wilk after work to my class in the marb & lo & behold a dancing violinist in a c2g tee.  Hmm,I thought, this is a huge crowd watching a violin girl.  & then I realized why. She was popping, locking and dropping it. she was gettin low, she was two stepping....all while playing the violin...it was mesmerizing. Guys & girls alike were standing around staring w/ jaws dropped. I started laughing so hard wanting to go through the crowd picking up all the boys' chins off the ground. Apparently that girl got really far on "America's Got Talent." In our Research meeting Wednesday night Dr. Cole was talking about how they had llamas on campus for it. Boy, he was mad, "they were letting everyone pet their llamas & then the students all walked away & ate their sandwiches.  I wasn't seeing fun, cool llamas, I was seeing taxoplasmosis & infections!" 
Bahaha I'm so glad I paid enough attention, but not too much to get paranoid in his class a few years ago.
I was dying laughing.

Well. Anyway. Our Meningococcal study will be going on in a couple weeks all over campus. So, if you see a booth of us begging you to take our survey in exchange for a fortune cookie, please take the survey, even if it is just for the cookie!  We're stormin the dorms, the wilk & a few other place! Get ready BYU! 
We're hoping to get published! Talk about Sa-WEEET for the resume! holler.



  1. HAHHAHHA!! I freaking LOVE Dr. Cole. His classes were my favorite! Especially when he'd start ranting and raving about how TERRIBLE petting zoo's are. To this day, I cringe when I see my nieces petting zoo animals...though I don't always remember what exactly they're at risk for. Just that Dr. Cole was really passionate about it.

  2. hahahaha this was amazing.
    thank goodness for husbands that pick up the slack when our bodies go down the crapper.
    ugh. it kills me that it's EVERY. MONTH.
    the things we do for our womb.
    this post sort of made me miss byu's crazy antics. llamas in the quad, weird caped opera singers, you know, the usual. ha

  3. I have so missed reading your blog posts. Love the way you write! Sounds like married life is treating you fabulousy...at least your man is. Congrats on the RA job. You'll be GREAT!


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