Lunch date before the temple!
"Waitin on a man...."
Deej made us some yummy whole wheat Barbecue Chicken Pizza...don't worry, it makes us all drool.
 One of our Sunday walks a couple weeks ago!
How big are YOUR utensils?
In Grandpa Brink's backyard....aka the garage/junkyard/shop/car-lot!
The Brinkerhoff men.
Grandpa Brink has to have that big wedge mattress things under his legs because his legs swell so bad his skin tears.
Wes thought this was hilarious.  I had no idea why he was taking my picture. Then he ran up to me & put it in my face & said "PROOF!"
He always complains that when I get in bed first I lay smack in the middle of the bed!
hahaaahhah it's true!  Want to know why? This has been Wes' bed for years & so now that we're married we're sharing the mattress he'd had to himself...so there's a divot in the center of the mattress that is perfect for a body. because when I lay on my side (the wall side) I always roll to the center.  So it's just easier to lay put in the center.  No big deal.

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  1. Cute, Rach! I love your smiley face in the covers! And your piggie-back pic and Danielle/Weston with the delish pizza! She told me about that pizza and I wrote the ingredients down...plan to make it for sure!!!


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