Butt is short for buttons.

3 Cheers for the best sister in the WORLD!

This is my older sister, Danielle; Dantyelle; Deej; D-bomb; Dani; DJ boom boom; scarfer; speedy; perfectionist; clean; organized; laughs-when-people-trip; 

She is the best elementary school teacher EVER.
Her kids seriously worship her. And make fun of her.
She is brilliant, creative & smart.
She has the most beautiful, natural long brown hair.
My poopy hair won't grow as long as hers. So, I just live vicariously through her.
She cooks like a mad-woman.  In a happy way.
Her food is the best.
She spoils me & cooks for me.
I have no idea how I got married first.
She is suzy-homemaker & any man will be lucky who gets to put a ring on it.
She's booty-licious.
She has drive & passion.
She likes watching trashy tv shows like Tough Love & The Bachelor.
She's into celebrity gossip.  Well, probably as much as every average girl, it's just never been anything I've followed.
She was an amazon woman in her 5 yr old ballet class.
Her fingernails also grow long & don't break. Unlike her dear sister's.

She is so hilarious! Have you not heard about her?
Well, then you obviously live in a hole, but don't worry, you can redeem yourself by checking out her blog.  It is hilarious, & I promise you will automatically follow it & love it/her.  She is professional at telling stories, a gene her sister did not get.

Her blog can be accessed HERE.

I love you Deej!

Her advice is awesome. With a sister like that who needs a therapist?


p.s. I forgot to mention it's her BIRTHDAY!!!


  1. ok, i don't know if i've EVER laughed this hard. and it's super awkward bc i'm in the gym waiting for my next parent-teacher conference. so unprofessional.....
    love you and thank you

  2. i loved the bootylicious that you put on her quality list. bahahaha


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