Lots of Coolness!

Today was incredible. I got to see my honey all day between school & work! It was amazing!
Wes & his mom came up for the day. He applied to a bunch of places in town. We went and checked out an apartment in Alpine which we will probably rent! I loved it! It's TEENCY, but nice & neat & utilities are covered in the rent...amazing. It was SO fun going around and looking at apartments with Weston, it suddenly made all of this so much more real!
He'll work in Provo & I'll be goin to school & workin down here, so we'll ride together & ride home together. I got a call from the intramural office for an interview...maybe they'll hire me this season! More Moolah & same or lesser hours as the health center... we'll see! I hope they hire me! Wes got his nice wedding suit tonight. His mom got it, thanks mama Joan! He looks sooo snazzy! It is making me so much more excited!
On the down side, I found out today that I cannot go with him to his military training. We will be apart for 7 months. I well up with tears everytime I think about it. Changing the subject now.
To an extremely much cooler one... Elder Neal Anderson is doing our sealing in the Salt Lake Temple!!!!! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?????!!!! He knew my parents in Florida! He was my Grandmother's hometeacher for many years & his wifey taught my mom seminary in high school. Him & his wife attended my parents wedding. My mom called his office a few months ago and spoke with his secretary, she told him that general authorities are discouraged from doing temple sealings. She said it wasn't likely, but she'd pass the word along. Then when my parents were out here in June, she tried gettin through again, no success... word came in today from the secretary, he is more than happy to do our sealing & he is excited to see my parents again...freakin sweet!
It's been a very packed and awesome day!
I love Weston & I CANNOT wait to marry him in 1 month from today....wow, soo soooon!
p.s. if anyone is looking to give away or sell an window A/C unit....we're lookin for one! I've found a couple promising ones on craigslist, but haven't bought anything yet! Our new apt doesn't have an a/c :) waaaaarm!


  1. I was so thrilled that you have Elder Andersen as your sealer! He was my home teacher and was the Elder's Quorum President at the time. He ended up actually helping us move and hauled my junk! He is a fabulous man and I love his wife, Kathy! He was the only one who ever invited us to a Priesthood social when I was married. Elder Andersen is the best!

  2. Also, Rachel, Elder Andersen attended the wedding RECEPTION in Florida that we had in my home after your Mom and Dad got married-- but close enough. Just wanted you to have the facts here. Good luck on the apartment hunting, too. I was really bummed about the separation time for you two. This is really anti-marriage and the military ought to change that because this offers more stability to their men when they have their loved ones around supporting them. This rule should be changed!!

  3. Rach!

    You're life sounds so crazy/lovely/fun/stressful/awesome right now! Congratulations on Elder Anderson! And I hope you get the job for the intramural job!

    ANNNNNND, I wanted to let you know that we have a swamp cooler that is in good shape that we're selling for $20, so let me know if that is something you're interested in.

    Anyway, love u girl and hope all is well! Best of luck in these busy times!


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