Opening their gifts the morning after the reception!
Cutting the cake! The beginnings of the hairpiece I made for my wedding! The finished product totally rocks! Spence made oatmeal for the fam for dinner. This was after everyone had eaten. I asked him where the small army is he was intending to feed. Chase & I on the fabulously tightly packed ride to Houston!
Me & Kris! I love her!
I am so excited we'll all be living in Provo together!
The bride & groom! I love them both so dearly & We're so excited to have Joel in the family...finally!
Mom & I at the reception!
This is my 3rd bridesmaid escapade! It is so much fun!
You can't really see the dress in this picture, but they were pink with pink matching flats! All very pretty!
The family dance. My parents in the back left, Joel's sister & brother & his parents behind them, Unkie Scrawny Ronny & Aunt Julie to the right & bottom right corner, Joel's grandparents.
I was missing my honey especially during this part!
If any of you know Kristin...you know she is the most bashful person & does not like attention on herself. She does not kiss in public. EVER. & she is very reserved...in public. This is what makes her so great...& so much fun to torture. I took the honors of writing on her window like I did on Syd's. But this time...I wrote it on the inside & outside so they couldn't just wash it from the outside (props to uncle Ron)! Joel said she tried to get him to stay in the right lane whenever they drove. She said he drove in the left lane.
I texted Joel that night "I'm bored, can I come over?" hahahah


  1. Even though I was there, I chose the wrong time to go to the Ladies Room and missed the cake cutting all together and missed the going away, too, for some reason? Thanks for sharing these photos. I loved reading this and remembering this very special time for Kristin and Joel and really for all of us!

  2. You are such a punk! and so is joel! LOVE IT he fits in perfectly :D


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