This many weeks till we're married

This many days

This many hours
This many minutes I'm pretty extremely, absolutely, SO excited for it!
Kristie did another fabulous highlight job to my huge head of hair last night, she did amazing. We have our video interview this weekend, bridals next week & then a fabulous temple sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake City LDS temple at 9am. A family dinner at 5 at The Oasis & then a reception at 7 at The Oasis.
I cannot wait to be sealed to this baby FOREVER! xoxogointothetemple


  1. yay! You delievered! Thanks for the fun post! ONE WEEK??? Crazy!!!

  2. That was really a great post and so fun to read, Rachel! I'm excited for your very special EVENT in just one week from today! YES!!

  3. Rachel!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! It is such an awesome thing to be in the temple with your man...holy cow. you'll love it!!!


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