So, I am getting enough sleep...usually, but I'm wondering about my quality of sleep....
This wedding stuff seriously takes up not only time but a TON of space in my brain...actually, all of my brain space. This weekend I was sleepy & not feeling too well, but it was so fun! I was thinkin, how come I'm sleepy if I got to sleep in today? I figured it's a few things. Maybe the fact that my dreams are about real life things...as in, checking off a to-do list or other such dreamy things.
Maybe this fellow would lend me his bear.
It looks like it's doing the trick.Or maybe this little guy would come visit me!

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  1. Such a cute and fun post to read and loved the photos, too, Rachel! I do hope you can get some sleep or you might not be such a pretty bride. You will be aging before your time. You need your beauty sleep, Girl!


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