It's goin good!

Life at home is wonderful! I miss that fiance of mine, but I LOVE being back in Tennessee with my family! It's been really productive too. My mom is making my dress & it is going so well. The dress is beeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulll!! I've been handsewing lots & making my hairpiece for the wedding day & found the wedding shoes! Tonight is my bridal shower that Sonja & Paige & some others are throwing, it's great. Wes started both his jobs & is LOVING it. That is a major blessing! My professor accepted my final that I forgot to turn in. Wes moved into the apartment & said the apartment is lookin good, bless his heart, he's been so busy & exhausted, but what a blessing he is to my life. He has excitedly taken on two jobs and is loving them both so far. He is loved by everyone he comes in contact with, so it's no wonder his boss & coworkers love him already. Tucanos & Milawabamimama's Pizza are lucky to have him! He got me all moved into the apartment, & while I showered & got cleaned up, he scrubbed down a lot of the surfaces in the apartment & we got to sit and talk as I got ready & then he took me to the airport. He got the Jeep stresses taken care of & then his family helped him pack up & him & Vicky drove all of his stuff up Monday morning, where he then moved into the apartment & went out to talk to his jobs. He's incredible & hardworking & I am so excited to be married to him in 16 days!

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  1. hahah rachel i love you... but way too many run on sentences.
    but i love you.
    but, you know.
    glad you're having fun!


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