Wow, I cannot even begin to describe the business & wonderfulness of my life right now.
I am so blessed with the best fiance ever. We have so much fun together always even if it is cleaning up and looking at all the dirty stuff at our new ghetto apartment. Yesterday we were on the go from almost 20 hours moving, cleaning, moving, moving, packing, etc. & my sweet fiance is currently cleaning up my apartment & moving over a lot of the remainder stuff. Have you ever heard of such a sweet thing? It makes me want to cry, it's just so kind. He is always looking out for me. I love him so much!
Let me share some of the hilariousness from yesterday's adventures.
we got to our apartment & looked it over & Weston noticed 10 pounds of disgusting dust on the cieling fan in the bedroom. He thought it was so hilarious. I almost puked, 5 times. He said he'd clean that for me. Thank YOU!
The GEO did an amazing job as our moving van. It packed a hilarious amount from Provo to springville yesterday. The only load that was a huge problem was the bookshelf. We pushed the passenger seat all the way forward and folded it, still not long enough. So it stuck out of the trunk. Thank goodness the suspension doesn't work like it should & the door just flopped on top of the shelf. However, I drove & Wes watched behind in Melissa's car & the trunk kept popping. Trying to avoid another driving violation this week we kept pulling over & wes would jump out & reclosing it. But after about 20 minutes of what should've been 15 total, we decided to work somethin out. Being bunjeeless we used my crocheting yarn! :) It looked a little like this...
Wes & the awesome pack job....he's an incredible packer, seriously! Look out, Dad, you have some tough competition!


  1. I totally washed my car at that carwash in the background last week! Hahaha!

  2. Looks like a lot of progress is being made and having some fun in the process!


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