Guess Who?

Wes & I have been staying with my family at the hotel this week. It has been SO helpful having them here. They have helped us rearrange furniture to maximize floor space & they have helped us in numerous other ways too, thanks mom & dad!
Anyway, after having the WORST night's sleep ever sleeping with chase & his enormous limbs flopping all over me all night I thought it'd be a good idea to shake up the sleeping arrangements. My mom & I thought it'd be hilarious to make Wes & my dad sleep in the same bed hahahahha. Poor Wes, he was being so sweet & trying to stay polite & not be rude about the fact that he didn't want to sleep with my dad. He said, no, its okay, I can just sleep on the floor! hahahah We almost had him guilted into sleeping with my dad. It was so funny. Him & my dad were both really awkward about it & we were begging them to do it just for stories sake. They didn't like that idea so much, so Chase & Wes shared a bed, since both of them do acrobats in their sleep, we figured it'd be best to let them duke it out amongst themselves. Then I got the enormous fold out bed to myself! Score! Of course, I would've rather shared with Wes, but for some reason, that didn't fly. Hmm...3 days!

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  1. Your mom told me this story over the phone but you did a super good job writing it up, Rachel. You are a good writer! It is a funny story. Hope everyone is being good to your man and not stressing him out too much. He has a lot on his mind, I'm sure!


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