I'm riding this today!
First day of Fall semester came rolling around too quickly...I decided, after all, to take classes this fall. I feel like I just took finals though... oh wait.. I did. So, here starts again, the beginning of the end! I don't know if I'm ready to graduate college...what do you do when you're done with school? It's all I've done my whole life! No, I'm just kidding, I'm excited for it, of course, it'll be busy, but I am so excited.
However, the wedding is WAY more iminent, so, naturally, I'll go to class after work & be thinkin about the wedding the whole time! bhaha Especially since Lisa's throwing me a bridal shower tonight! I'll do one giant post about the bridal showers & bachelorette party when I get internet!

Syd's wedding was my token point that my wedding was going to come fast. Originally, it felt like it took a lifetime to get to her wedding time. When that happened I realized..shoot...she's getting married, mine's comin soon! A month later, Kristin & Joel tie the knot...whoa, 13 days? Already. Now the countdown is to:


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  1. You answered some questions for me Rach! Good luck on your last semester of school, right? I sure hope that everything goes well for you. I know you are a real sharp cookie and a trouper in everything you try to do so I only expect success! I am so excited for you! Happy days for all the Brinkerhoffs and the Stolworthys and me, too! Love you!


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