Stress Management

I'm trying to grab the Exercise 410 class: Stress Management. It's full, but I e-mailed the professor trying to get an add code for the class.
I thought about different sales pitches to get the professor to want to add me to his class.
"I am a yoga instructor & wanted to know how to teach my victims, I mean clients, to deal with stress."
"My psychiatrist thought it would be a good idea for me to take this class..."
"I am really stressed out and need a class to help me!"
The one I ended up choosing to e-mail him was an explanation of how I am graduating soon and wanted to take the course before I left BYU.
I really hope he adds me, it would be a really interesting class!

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  1. Me, too, Rach! I'm sleep deprived. I never can turn it off. Maybe you get it from me. Sorry!! You need your rest so you can really enjoy your wedding and especially your Temple experience, too! Hope something can be procrastinated so you can get your beauty sleep. You don't want to look tired in your wedding photos!


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