I don't have internet at my apartment, so all blogging is from work, so until we have internet, or until I take my laptop to campus, my camera pictures won't be blogged about yet!
A blog about my amazing bridal shower thrown by Sonja, Paige, LaReesa, Cara & Emily is coming soon, so stay tuned for that!
Last night Wes didn't get off work until midnight! BOO, I left as soon as he got back to our apartment & went and crashed on Dani's couch! Yesterday I was on the go, CONSTANTLY! Work, errands, workout, more errands & then I got to our apartment at about 10 last night & scrubbed our fridge that we never had to time to clean when we moved in. I emptied all our food & scrubbed it! I scrubbed our stove & the counters! I organized our bedroom & put things away in the family room. It's looking good! It's not the cutest & not a single thing matches another, but I LOVE IT! Wes did an awesome job moving in & setting up all the furniture in perfect places! It's coming together, slowly, but surely! We're very excited to paint!
Today is full of a job interview & lots more errands!
Life is AMAZING! Everything is smooth sailing and fun!

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