Counting down the DAYS!

We are now just 7 weeks away from the entrance of the world's cutest baby.
Want to see what full-time work & 8 months pregnant looks like? Maybe I'll put up a picture sometime, but it's not pretty. 
Some days I get out of bed early enough to get ready, but most days I wake up with just enough time to brush my hair & teeth, apply some powder & mascara then jet out the door.
Teddy Bear gets to be the lucky one to test out the safety & protocols of our baby gear.
So far he's given it two paws up.

I cannot wait for our little girl to come! I am so anxious to see her on the ultrasound a week from today.
Seriously, guys, I'm freaking out. It's been way too long since we've seen those chubby cheeks!

She's getting really big.

Also, you know those pregnant women you see & have judged for waddling.
I used to be a judger. I would think, ew, just walk normal.
Well, now, I'm that waddler.

It is not for the reason that I'd always assumed they waddled for, though.
I waddle because my back/hips have a pinched nerve & the only way I can walk without getting shooting pains is to walk with my feet pointed out. Honestly, it's the most un-sexy walk you've ever seen.

Recently, I've developed a gorgeous limp that comes every once in a while with vengeance when my hip is trying to pop out of the socket, that one is a new one that started last week & is a little more embarrassing simply because it's more dramatic. Sometimes it hits so bad I think...hmm...okay, if my hip pops out of the socket is this a good place to collapse? hahahah 
It also makes me fear going to the grocery store alone, simply because I don't want to cause a scene if that were to actually happen. That would just be embarrassing.

It's serious stuff, people. Waddling is no joke.

I remember the night we found out we were having a girl I begged Weston to go to Baby's R' Us so we could go look around. He gave in & I had SUCH bad back pain that I could barely walk. (that night when we were home was the first time I was unable to take a step bc of the sharp shooting pain)
Anyway, I wasn't very big then & I remember one of the clerks laughed & said I wasn't big enough to start having to walk like that. I did a fake polite laugh & secretly wanted to punch her in the face. 
"You don't know me, you don't know my life!" (Baby Mama, anyone?)

So, anytime you see a waddling lady & you judge, think twice, bc karma is seriously not cool.

Also, I don't know if I ever boasted about it before, but my first 8 months of pregnancy were seriously a breeze as far as emotions. We had a couple scares, but you know those jokes made about crazy pregnant ladies? I, luckily, wasn't one of them for that long.**
Well, I've noticed my emotions have picked up full speed.
I am emotional over everything.

Also, I think I need to go to ABS Anonymous. No, I'm not addicted to working those obliques, I'm talking about A Baby Story.
I've probably watched 4,000 episodes of it. Seriously, now I have to delete ones off of DVR simply because they're re-records of ones I've already seen. It's that bad.

After the baby's born, I cry. Every time.
Sometimes I want to sob.
I'm so happy for that couple.
I have to admit it is healthier watching a baby story when you're actually pregnant rather than when you've been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. The tears are a little sweeter now.
But seriously, guys, I need an intervention.

Anyway, poor Weston gets to deal with an overly emotional wife, now. & midterms. & his future job. & his future grad program. & ...&...&..&... Sorry, Wes.

Also, I've felt lousy for about a month w/ intense congestion, sore throat & ear aches. It never got more severe than that, I never got a fever & my lymph nodes never swelled up. So, I never stayed home from work & I never went to the Dr. for it. Well, Sunday I just didn't feel good, so I stayed home from church & we decided to go to an instacare clinic just to fix it, bc I was sick of feeling sick.  Well, first of all, unless you're dying or have something "really cool" popping out of a joint that it shouldn't be, instacare clinic workers will act like you're a huge burden. Even when you are the only patient in their entire office.

Turns out it was allergies. ALLERGIES. What the?? How do I not have allergies in TN & have them in Utah?? Chalk another one up for my need to be back in Tennessee.

So, we were off to Walgreens for some Claritin & some nasal spray.

I feel like a million bucks now.
EXCEPT, for Monday  night when I accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of my allergy pill (they look the same) & then I slept through work the next morning & felt like a complete drag the whole next day & my ear aches & sore throat were back. I didn't realize it till Wednesday night that that is what I'd done.

Lesson learned: Always read pill labels or else you could sleep through work. Or die.

I admit that was stupid, & luckily it's an OTC sleeping pill that is pregnancy safe. 
Don't worry, though, I learned my lesson.

**PMSing is another story

**NOTE FROM THE EDITOR** Life is so good & I love being pregnant! & I'm seriously happy every day & so happy waking up to a squirming baby in my belly! Despite what these whiney posts sound like, I'm totally good! I have been coping with not being able to move, & just relax at home after work in the evenings! But sadly I do have to walk from point A to point B (aka from my work chair to the bathroom) & consequently have to be seen waddle-limping in public. I can deal with the pains of it just fine, I just don't like doing for audiences hahah


  1. Haha I have been the same way with emotions. I was totally fine and then the last like couple weeks I'm a wreck! I watch that tylenol commerical about moms and it makes me cry! Like what?!


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