I love my man!

Weston is the greatest guy to be married to, want to know why?
When you're pregnant & feeling quite whalish, he'll swear to you that you're beautiful! He will help you at the drop of the hat. He is really fun to be around. He makes me laugh all the time. He has a complete heart of gold.  He has cooked a lot of dinner in the past 8.5 months & always tells me how much he loves cooking.  He is a professional sleeper! No matter how much I toss & turn, he doesn't wake, this makes me feel a lot better that I'm not disturbing him! He stubs his toe on our bed frame. Almost every night.
He is really light-hearted. He is a hard worker. He's a total hottie.

This weekend we got to go visit his parents. It was such a fun trip. We always love our time down there & love being in their rural area.  The boys went & got 3 trucks & trailers full of wood on Saturday while the girls stayed home & quilted & chatted & cooked. We had so much fun!
They were gone for almost 8 hours doing hard labor & he came back with that huge beautiful grin.
 & a tear in his pants!
 Really life has been good, I just always feel guilty because Weston has had to carry so much of the weight of things that I used to do! The pregnancy has been a challenge, but a much greater blessing. I love feeling our girl kicking & stretching. Every ache & pain is a reminder of our blessing. I love that we have a baby on the way. I love that she is going to be here so soon! I cannot wait till she's here & am counting down the days.  These aches & pains will make her arrival THAT much sweeter. Weston has been so sweet. Without asking he brings me water with a straw for when I'm laying down, he reminds me to take the million vitamins & pills.  & anything I need he'll get. Sometimes I feel bad mentioning if I'm cold or warm, because he'll be up in half a second to get me a blanket or to ask our landlords to turn down the air. He is so sweet & such a supportive husband!  I am so blessed & really love being married to him! This whole experience has concreted that even more in my mind!  I love that man & all the hard work he puts into his school work, literal work, his race training, taking care of me & into our future!
Conference was so great this year, don't you think? I missed some of the talks on Saturday, though & am excited to be able to go back to read them!


  1. Hahahha I'm dying at that picture with the tear in his pants. Alex rips his pants in that same exact spot ALL THE TIME!

    1. Ah! Becca, Weston does, too! Almost every pair of his work pants have been ripped out...and a couple of his nice pairs too.

  2. He's a good egg. And he's smiley.
    Elder Smiles.

  3. I can't believe that I have missed this for as long as I have. I try to check in frequently. What a beautiful tribute to a man who shows love! I appreciate his sacrifices for you Rachel. Two is better than one! Thanks, Weston, for your service to our girl as she wades through a first pregnancy! Love you for it!


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