Costume Hunt

I love dressing up for halloween! Fall is so fun because it's so full of holidays! & things made out of pumpkin. I LOVE PUMPKIN!

I've been trying to think of a fun halloween costume for work. I dress up every year, but this year, I am putting the pressure on myself to be something awesome. Who knows if/when I'll be pregnant on Halloween again!?
I came across these on pinterest!
1. This makes me feel funny | 2. Easy... but boring | 3. Same | 4. Funny & gross | 5. Hilarious, would be good for when we go out at night | 6. YIKES | 7. Hilarious, but so not BYU Honorcode approved

Have you ever been pregnant on halloween or seen good pregnant Halloween costumes?


  1. I was a skeleton last year. And my belly had a baby skeleton in it. Easy, but people got a kick out of it.

  2. I love the cow udder and also the 8 ball!! The doll arms are pretty funny too but not quite is clever to me! Diana's idea is great too! Can't wait to see!!

  3. LOL I'm emailing you some more ideas right now

  4. Glad you decided on what you did decide, Rachel! That will be an absolute hit! So cute!


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