Life lately.

Weston & I watched BYU show the Texas Longhorns what's up.
It was seriously a good game, maybe just a little better, too, because I was expecting us to get destroyed by them.
 I am the master multi-tasker. I made these beautiful babies during the game.
Baby headbands are my anti-drug.
 Also, I am just dying over the ripeness of tomatoes right now. I LOVE summer's produce.
We made a lot of salsa last weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn't our best batch, but it was still yummy!
 Wearing my souvenir like a champ.
I cannot figure out how to straighten this picture.
This is our bean's yellowstone souvenir.
The bear is velvet & I love it so much.
 Also, I'm 29 weeks & feeling large & in charge.
Mostly just large though.
SOS, someone tell this baby to grow a LITTLE slower.
On the upside, you can tell from the very athletic look of me in this picture that my back was good enough to go for over a 1.5 mile walk. Before we had to go home for a potty break. I was so happy.
Yesterday was a good day!

Life is good, the baby is growing big & strong, the doctor just loves that she is always swimming & kicking about we have our visits. Little does he know it's all the time when we're not there, too.
She is her father's child.
I seriously love her & love watching my stomach contort as she stretches & pushes her back or bum or whatever limb against my stomach. It's amazing. & very alien-like of her.


  1. The bows are cute, Rachel, but not as cute as your sweet Weston! Glad he is taking such good care of you! You need at least a couple of blue bows in there to match her pretty blue eyes! You know they are gonna be blue!


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