Jellystone National Park via my iphone!

Weston & I went to Yellowstone for our 3 year anniversary over Labor Day weekend. If you are planning a wedding. I highly recommend gravitating towards 3 day weekends. It's amazing for anniversary celebrations.

These pictures are all from my phone. I have a trillion more from my real camera, I might get those up here sometime. BUT FOR NOW..

We went camping at Yellowstone & seriously had the greatest time.
We were both a little depressed on the way back. Mostly because we drove the longer route through Jackson Hole, WY so we could see the Tetons...& clouds covered the entire Tetons. Weston has been obsessed with wanting to see those mountains for years. He was really sad about that!

We left Saturday morning & drove up to Yellowstone.
Turns out that being pregnant slows down roadtrips by 25%. Weston was so patient with our thousand potty breaks.
These are roadtrip shades.
Also, make sure stocking stuffers are approved by you before your parents give them to your USA-wear obsessed husband. My mom is full of cruel jokes.
Our first night we went to the bear & wolf exhibition in West Yellowstone.
He thought we smelled tastey.

Our first night we camped at Madison Campground about an hour drive into the park.
We brought 1,000 pillows to stack under my body to help me camp. We had set up the accomodations, but I woke up at about 2 in the morning & couldn't move. It was actually really awful. & I had to go to the bathroom so bad. But literally my sciatic nerve pain was so bad I literally couldn't move. It was a really pathetic scene.  Anyways at about 4 a.m. I was able to move & we relocated to the car. Have I mentioned Weston is so sweet & patient & helpful & awesome?
The next morning we went to Old Faithful first thing.
 You better believe I got this night shirt. 
 That day we had an AWESOME picnic in the most beautiful little location.
 We wanted to go see a waterfall. When we got to the lodge at the trail head someone had a medical emergency down the trail. Weston ran off w/ people to go save the day. It was pretty neat. Love my paramedic man. And the fact that I am really good at entertaining myself.
 That night we went to these awesome sulfur waterfalls.
This is a no judge zone of our hot & sweaty selves. The temperature wasn't that hot, but it was really hot outside. Plus, I'm a human crockpot right now.
We went & found another campground that night, because, unfortuntately it's illegal to sleep anywhere in the park. Otherwise we would have pulled into a turn around spot and slept in our car. Instead we slept in our car at a campground. We got there & roasted our weenies for dinner & chatted for a while, then covered up our windshield w/ a blanket & bundled up in our sleeping bags...in our car.
The next morning we woke up to VERY welcomed cloudy weather.
We have had a really hot summer in Utah & I usually really love warm weather, but seriously, I've been dying.
Well it got to around 32 degrees at night while we were there.
Our sleeping bags rock!
 We drove around the other half of the figure 8 of the park & got to see a lot of neat sites.

 Yellowstone lake is so big! Next time we're bringing our canoe!
 We saw quite a lot of these guys.
 We loved the exhibits in the visitor centers!
 One of my favorite things to see was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It was gorgeous.
& terrifying.
 Also, no judging the bedheads. 
 I took this picture while we were driving through Cokeville, UT. Naturally we stopped & got our coke's of choice. 

 We had the greatest time. It was such a fun trip & though I acted like quite the invalid, we had an AMAZING time.  The alone time with no technology was SO fun and so refreshing. I love Weston so much & have loved being married to him. Seriously, guys, he is really fun.

We had an unforgettable trip & cannot wait till we can go back, next time with a mini-me strapped to our backs!


  1. We agree on a couple of things...your beverage is "THE NECTAR" and you have a cute husband.

  2. Rachel and Weston, it was so fun to hear all about your trip to Yellowstone. It brought back a thousand memories of different times I got to go visit there. We loved the bear and wolf exhibit, too. You need not apologize for the way you look. You have got that pretty face, Rachel, and youth is always on your side! Weston you are looking good, too, like always! Glad you were able to have such a fantastic vacation! Thanks for sharing the fun!


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