So, I've been home in Franklin coming on 3 weeks now (whoa!) and since I've been home I've been looking through old photo albums, etc. My best friend Mitch is on his mission in California setting a wonderful legacy when he gets there! Missionaries get to call their families on Christmas and Mother's Day. I got to talk to Mitch yesterday, and it was the best thing...EVER! I am so excited for him to come home, as I get so excited for him to come home I know it will not and cannot be the same, it made me really sad, I miss him a lot. HOWEVER , it will be wonderful to have him back, regardless! It hasn't been very healthy, but Franklin is full of memories for me, unintentionally I go back to all the old spots. It makes me ache for those times again, BUT no worries, it's totally rad bein where I am, but remiscing is fun and a tiny bit sad every once in a while! Paramore summed it up perfectly: xoxo


  1. yes. same thing happens to me in Franklin. ALWAYS bitter-sweet. i'm just glad we're in a different house, that makes it better :) love you.

  2. love it. love you. love TN.


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