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It's working!!!
So first a little blurb for the puppy. She's a doll. She definitely respects Momma, I, on the other hand, am currently playing the role of the chew toy during this teething process. p.s. i'm a little obsessed with her and have taken about a million pictures of her so far. I regret not taking more of Chloe! The night I got home: Dad's enjoyed the pooch too. She's irresistible and so cuddly! My mom and I took a little trip to Florida! It was so fabulous! The drive was quick and painless. Took a little longer on our way down and we lost an hour goin into Florida. It was so nice catching up with Mom. We had so much fun talking and good thing, because since I have left for school, especially, mom has stopped listening to country and we are now on 2 completely different music pages. That's fine. We visited lots of family and friends! We started out in Clearwater where Momma was born and raised and where we lived when I was little. We stayed with the Clawsons the night we got there. We went to church the next morning and saw talked with a lot of friends, that I don't remember. That afternoon we went to the house we lived in when I was little and her childhood home, we even talkedwith her old neighbors who still live there, it was an awesome visit! We headed around to other landmarks like Grandaddy's office! Didn't get many pictures in Clearwater, but here's a couple. Sunday night my Mom and I headed up to Kissimee to stay at the Disney World resorts! She found an awesome deal on that hotel! We went to a kiosk Monday morning and bought (later found out) illegal disney tickets. They are tickets that people bought in packages, but sold the remaining days to the pedalers. We got parkhoppers for $50....ummm just for ya'll who don't know how expensive Disney world is, for a one park/one day pass it's normally $80. We had SUCH a great time. Turns out Mom was smart enough to investigate the tickets and we found out our tickets had more days on them! We got a day 2 Disney trip! Tuesday night we drove to St. Cloud in Orlando to visit Uncle David and Aunt Lorna! It was a fabulous visit! Aunt Lorna just had a knee replacement 1.5 mos ago and was walkin around fabulously! Wednesday morning we drove over to Palatka and stayed with Great-Grandmother! She's so fabulous! She's had some health issues, but has been healing and put on some weight (much to her dismay), but she looks good and it was so great to see her so healthy again! She is a doll and the poster-woman of classiness! It was such a great visit, she's still sharp as a tack at 89 yrs old (correct me if I'm wrong on that age). A true southern-belle. Please excuse my extremely rough appearance, but I dropped my mom off @ this sick-nasty gas stop to take a little pit-stop and she climbed back into the car introducing me to this perfect photo-op.
alrighty, well I hope ya'll enjoyed this little update!
p.s. I am excited for the Miss Diana Gardner to make her appearance in Nashville tomorrow! xoxo


  1. That sounds like a fun Florida trip!! And some great tickets to Disneyworld :P

    The puppy is SOOOO cute! What's her name?

  2. You are like so hot and tan. it hurts me.
    and that puppy is out of control cute. BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to squeeze her really bad. It's kind of a problem.

  3. Rachel,

    I loved reading all about your FL vacation with your Mom! The pictures are wonderful! You did a really nice job on your write up of your trip. When I get back I want to start a blog and write about my trip to Florida and to Japan and about my new little puppy, Georgia. I appreciate your offer to help me with it. I am sure I will need the help! So nice to have you home again, Rachel!

  4. How fun Rachel!
    I'm glad you made it back to Tennessee and you are still doing good.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love it:)

  5. Rachel...we had sooo much fun, huh??? LOVE YOU!


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