So, we got Weston's costume a couple Saturday's ago, well the dress & the curtain (apron).
Halloween came along & I dressed up for work. I loved being Gus Gus. & I love Gus Gus, cutest mouse there is. 
Weston was such a good sport & played Cinderella.  We dressed up to go to the ward party that was right after I got off work. But I really REALLY wasn't feeling up for it. My calves, ankles & feet were swollen to an oblivion. It was pretty uncomfortable. So, instead we went to the pharmacy & then the grocery store. It was WILD. But then we watched 2 movies that night acting like we had no where to be the next morning. We watched a scary movie on TV & then started Hocus Pocus, but only made it half way through.
It was a good Halloween & a very relaxing evening!

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  1. We totally treated Halloween night as if it was a weekend :) So fun!


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