Well this is crazy. I'm in a Health in Old Age class. & my professor is living the curriculum. He is a sweet, very old man. He handed out the syllabus in class & it was like a map. I have never seen a syllabus like that in my life. It's like Chinese. I have no idea the organization. He has no dates on his syllabus, but it has the required text book listed & topics listed. When packing my backpack for work, I only had room in it for one of my text books. I thought, since I have that class right after work, that it would be smart to bring that book & figure out the syllabus. Nope. I have no idea how to understand that syllabus. I don't know what homework is due when. I don't know what to read for the day's lecture. It's confusing. I'm wishing I'd brought my Chronic Disease book instead.
I've also been feeling really torn about these guys lately.
(U.S. Navy SEALs)
Most importantly, this lovely lady, Josie Belle DeLoach, is in the hospital. She is my Great-Grandmother. She is the sweetest, most ladylike, woman. She was supposed to be in Utah & we were going to have a family dinner last week. But, her doctor didn't think she was up for the altitude. So, she remained in Florida. Please pray for her. Her sweetheart, my great-grandaddy, Homer DeLoach has been passed for about 14 years. I know she would love to be with him again too. However, just pray for her comfort. xoxolotsonthebrain

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