So, I've heard bangs are flirty. I've never been on the whole bang-train. BUT I'm taking a poll... should I cut bangs? Not the straight across kind, but some good ol' swoop bangs! Thoughts?


  1. Hmmm. Not everyone can pull off bangs and they take a long time to grow out if they don't look good. And since you're only a few short months away from your wedding I would say no.

  2. i've gotta say that i agree with jerai--as you know (and as the one who would be cutting your possible bangs) I think you just need to think long and hard about experimenting with your hairstyle so close to your wedding. if you love it the way it is already--stick with what works. if you aren't loving it then...we should talk and figure out how it would look best!

  3. okay, I was thinkin about that! Thanks! After the wedding we can talk about it again, Kristie :)


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