Embarrassed? Never...

I was just reminiscing of the awful tornado in the early 2000's that hit Franklin. It was Mother's Day. Anyway, there was tons of damage done everywhere. The house behind us got leveled & it's guts were thrown at the house across the street. our next door neighbors roof got lifted up. & we lost some shingles...blessed? Yes.
Anyway, so in September insurance followed through & sent people out to fix the roof. Well, they stripped the roof of all the shingles.. Don't worry, it began torrentially raining. Not a big deal. Our entire house flooded. So we were doin damage fixes on the house for months. I was just remembering a time the missionaries were over helping (they came over a lot to help out). I was in my bedroom ripping up carpet. We were blasting Saturday's Warriors of course, because we had to play church music. Me, being the music addict that I am, had fetched a ghetto blaster, set it up in my room & was singin away to it as I was ripping up the carpet. Danielle came in laughing so hard, because had been out in the hallway ripping up the carpet with the misssionaries. She said "you are singing so loud, & we can all hear you perfectly outside your room." I remember having an attitude of "So?" hahahah but deep down I was really embarrassed. I never told her that. Danielle, when you read this, I am now telling you, I was embarrassed that everyone could hear me out in the hallway, especially because I probably had a crush on one or all of those missionaries. I kinda liked boys. a lot.


  1. that is the most random funny memory.......

  2. Haha! I love that you at least "pretended" not to care or be embarrassed! You really were your own person, Rach, and didn't get steered by the masses...such a great and fun trait of yours!


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