My Parents Totally Rock.

I was out of the blogging world lately.
BUT I never wrote a shout out to my dad for Father's Day on here.
& the weekend I got engaged was Mother's day...SO basically. I have been slacking on giving my parent's shoutouts.
My dad is so awesome. He always has the best advice. He always listens when I complain & validates the complaints. Even when I'm being totally ridiculous. He is wiser than anyone I know. & he always looks at both sides of the cookie before analyzing anything. He's a really hard worker & the manliest man I know. He's a teddy bear. A lot of people are intimidated by him. Weston was always so intimidated which makes me laugh so hard. My dad is such an awesome example of service. But the silent kind. He sees someone needs something & he helps. Always. He calls me his princess.My dad is not intimidating. He's quiet and reserved. He tells the best jokes ever. Even though he's the only one that understands them. He's witty. & he is the sweetest dad anyone could ever ask for! I love him!
My mom is equally awesome. She is funny, friendly & fabulous. She is a girly girl. A hard worker. My mom is a listener, but also a solver. She always comes up with solutions to issues. She is wise. Her & I are alike. We even pick stuff up off the floor the same. Like old ladies. The backs don't bend, don't judge. She is so helpful. She, like my dad, is also very service oriented. She's so creative & crafty! She made me this adorable little wedding scrapbook thing to keep all my notes & phone numbers & swatches & samples in. My mom is sentimental, so am I. I love that about her. She loves me & is very involved in my life. She never has a shortage of questions for what is going on in my life. We talk atleast 10x a day. We send a million e-mails back and forth while I'm at work in the morning. Text all afternoon & then sometimes talk on the phone too. I've got to admit, I'm not a huge phone talking fan. She doesn't tell as many jokes as my dad, however, we do understand some of hers. I love her!
Happy Mother's & Father's Day Ma & Pa!

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