Our First Furniture

We got our first piece of furniture this week.
It's not anything special. It's a simple table & chairs. But we got the whole set for $30. I found it on BYU-I's craigslist website. Wes went & checked it out & bought it last night. I'm so excited! What a STEAL!

It doesn't look too big, I think the fact that Wes was able to take it apart & store the whole thing in th Geo says a lot about that. hahahaha

I love it though! We have our own kitchen table!

& Wes' parent's gave him his queen bed as a gift a while ago. SOOOO, they are so kindly letting us take that into our marriage as well! So, now we have a bed & a kitchen table! Hoorah!



  1. haha!! That's GREAT! Next to a bed, that's about the next most important thing! COOL!!

  2. haha! That's exactly what we started with too! Those are the most important things anyway. We found our table on ksl! Such steals on that thing... I even got my rug there for 1/3 of the retail price!

    p.s. no rush to find couches or anything...we layered pillows and blankets up for the first few weeks! :)


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