The end is near!

Do you see that? Know what it is? That is the light at the end of the tunnel! Graduation is nearing! I went to the advisement center today & worked out my graduation plan. I have classes during summer & fall. Then I will have my internship & some independent studies to do. Which means I have no strings attached to Provo after December (besides friends & family). Basically. My life rocks! If all works as planned, Wes will get the MA position in the Navy. Which will put us in Pensacola, Florida during winter semester...darn...bahah! There, I could do my internship (hopefully paid), he'd be in "A" school. & then back to Rexburg after that for him to finish his school & I'll graduate in August or December. I could graduate in April, but I don't think I want to go that intensive. So, we'll see! It's exciting though! xoxoyourlittlegraduate


  1. I'm thinking you meant summer, fall school, right? Superdeeduper! That is perfect planning huh? Now we will pray for MA school for Weston! Then you'll be about 8 hrs from us! Fun times!

  2. That sounds so GOOD!!! I'll be praying for you! Have been praying for you for as long as I can remember--maybe day one! It all sounds so lovely, especially the part of you being only 8 hours away--now that is doable for a visit every now and then!


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