Last weekend we ran around and looked at different reception locations in Orangeville.
Weston was such a good sport, he gave his opinion &, yes, he actually had one!
He only got a little bored... :)

The wedding plans are falling into place!

Wedding dress is designed, fabric is picked. Mom is starting on the bridesmaid's dresses. The food we're making is already decided for both receptions. The music playlist is underway.

To dos: Wedding Cake, Playlist, Shopping, bouquet design, honeymoon.

It's coming together nicely :)

& I still love any tips!


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  1. I don't know how set you are on having a wedding cake, but I went with cupcakes when I got married and I am so glad I did.
    1. They were cheap and colorful and pretty for pictures
    2. Everyone could actually take them and eat them, as opposed to having a cake that gets stared down most of the reception.
    3. You can always get a small cake to cut and surround it with cupcakes.

    Honestly I am glad I went with them because we were trying to make a pretty wedding with as little money as possible so we could save our money for other things. I am so glad we did!

    I am excited for you! I know your wedding will be gorgeous!


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