Party Dense Weekend

Wow, I sure loved these past 4 days!  Saturday I was able to go visit Miss Kelsey Woodard a friend from high school who has now moved to the U of U for Grad School she's from Tennessee & it was SO much fun seeing her & her bf & other high school friends!  Weston Worked that morning at the Freedom Festival & was Smokey Bear!

 "Only YOU can prevent a forest fire"
 Does he look exhausted or does he look exhausted?
 He & his squad went to launch the Smokey Bear hot air balloon at the hot air balloon show that morning! I ran over to the balloon show, & searched & searched, but could not find them...I didn't realize the whole population of Utah would be there. At noon we had a barbecue with Weston's firesquad & their significant others.  Joe's wife & little girl came.  Brett's wife came & then Mike was there.  We had SO much fun!  It was nice to meet the other fire fighter's wives, too!  While we were finishing up lunch, the squad got called to a fire in Spanish Fork Canyon! I was a little sad, not knowing when Wes would get home, but he got home late that night!  He said it took them 4 hours to hike into the fire...& they ran out of water on their way there...they each carry 1.5 gallons of water....but that's understandable bc it was probably 100 out on Saturday.  & they were in all their gear.  Including sawyer chaps.  Poor guys.  When Wes came back that night I had to go pick him up... he looked like this....
The only thing not covered in gear was covered in ash!

I went home after that, ran some errands & started some projects for baby gifts!

Sunday was wonderful, Wes didn't have Ward Council meetings & We got to attend church, the little nursery tots were adorable as always and we enjoyed a yummy dinner afterwards!  Monday was the 4th!  We got to celebrate shortly at the parade before Weston went to work.  After he left for work I worked 8 hours straight on my little baby gift projects! Pictures will be shown after the gifts have been given!  Wes got home at about 10:30 that night, we watched some Cosby show & then went to bed!

Tuesday was my Birfday!  Because Weston worked on the 4th & did NOT get holiday pay (apparently the federal system has the right to declare the fourth of July holiday this year is going to be on the 5th of July) & so he had the 5th off instead.  I worked yesterday morning. at 11a.m. Wes got a call that his squad was called to a flood in Provo Canyon.  I was so so so sad.  I told the ladies at work, they told me to run home to get a birthday kiss.  hahah it was so nice! I ran home, but he had already left, we met on some road though I gave him a kiss & waved goodbye.  I went back home mopey.  I ate my emotions in far too many carbs. & then I decided that was a horrible idea. So I told Dani & Kristin Wes was called out.  Deej came & got me glitter toes! It was so sweet & we had so so SO much fun. Not to mention I'm pretty much obsessed now....

Then we hit up DI got some great DIYs crafty things. Then traveled over to the mall!  Wes texted me & told me he was getting off the mountain at about 6 (hooray!) & so he got home around 7ish!  Danielle put together a party for me @ the park. It was SO fun & it even monsooned on us & then we got eaten by mosquitoes... Pictures will come later! :)  It turned out to be a GREAT day! 

& picture of gifts are to come!

Thank you everyone for your love & birthday wishes! :)

yours truly

bahaha this picture just makes me laugh! They go to work in their PT clothes for workin out so he'll pack his uniform with him...which makes it difficult to remember a belt... he got to wear these beauts...remind anyone of a certain Grandpa Brinkerhoff? :)


  1. I can't get over that he was Smokey!!! lol, lol.
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  2. I love your blog!!! Happy birthday! :)

  3. Hi Rach,

    Weston sent me the photo of him and I thought he looked cute with that happy smile. I couldn't tell he was covered with ash, only that his beard was blooming. I'm so glad you had a fabulous birthday! Golly, it sounded like soooo much fun! I love pedicures! I also loved that Weston got to be Smoky The Bear! That's one for the grandchildren to smile about down the road! Hope you continue to have a joyful summer, Sweetheart!


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