Babies are SO in!

My friend Katy who I work with at Branbury had her beautiful baby girl yesterday Nora Barton was 10 pounds 3 oz...uhhh wanna hear the kicker? Katy did it naturally at a birthing center... POWER WOMAN!

Kristin is due anyday...well her due date isn't for 2 weeks...buuuut...I'm so excited!!  Her babe has got to be a teeny one bc kris looks like most 6 monthers.... & she's 38.5 weeks...uhhh awesome!

We went & hung out with the beautiful Mrs. Keri Stolworthy & little Krugh & 5.5 week old Jade! It was so fun & little Jade is such a jewel...no pun intended. She's a perfect infant & so beautiful, Krugh's baby twin.

Weston's best man & his wifer had their baby last month

Stephy had a baby 2 months ago.

Nancy pants is preggers again!

& My cousin, Tricia is pregnant too, due very soon, as well!

Wow so many babies! I'm glad I have all these babies to play with & coo over because I love babies!

While on the topic of babies I HAVE to endorse First Years & their company & customer service.  Kristin was telling me yesterday that they finally opened their box after having it for 2 months.  They bought an electric double pump on KSL from a woman who said only a bottle was missing...well she failed to mention there were way more parts missing than just that...as in, enough parts that only one sucker would work.  Including both bottles & bottle attachments missing.  So, I wrote to First Years customer service explaining that they had bought their product second hand & that it now wouldn't work to it's full capacity.  I asked them if they would mind sending the supplies that is missing on Kristin's.  I received a prompt e-mail this morning from them informing me they would be sending all the parts missing on her machine.  Wow.  That is amazing customer service! I told them that one day when I'm in that boat I will be purchasing theirs! Pretty awesome! SO I just had to give them a shout-out, here & spread the word of how great they are!



  1. Man oh man...I want a baby. Shoot, I need a husband.

  2. oh, no you don't! I've been preaching to Dani the wonders of adoption!

  3. Adoption without a father is not good! Every child deserves and NEEDS a father! They provide important input that contributes to maturation and wholeness to children. It is terrible that so many children are missing that vital link in their lives nowadays. Like you, I love babies, Rachel, and excited to see my great grands in a couple of weeks! Lucky you, to be involved in the church nursery. It is a sweet experience to look back on. I have served more than once in church nurseries and loved it! So proud of you, enhancing your piano skills, too! I just taught the parable of the talents and the truth is if you don't use it, you loose it! Fantastic that you are playing the piano for church, too! You make me so proud, Dear Rachel!


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