I'm alive. No, really I am! I've just been to every corner of the u.s. In the past week and have been computer less. I am spending 1 day in charming Franklin and then embarking on the 30 hour drive to Utah that I've taken far too many times. BucklE up, brother bear, sister's going to introduce you to the rowdy byu life. Mom started crying today over Spencie poo poo leaving to forge his own trail. She never cried when I left. She was ready to kick my sassy eighteen yr old self out with a steel toed boot. I guess she prefers a silent child. I learned that one way too late in life! Anyway I'm missing the hubs bad. He was on a fire every day leading up to the day I left. Poor guy! He left work on Friday early so we could spend a few hours together before I left. Then we spent all Saturday mornin runnin around like crazies! Bri and ty's engagements. More to come on those. Then bran bury 5k and then Wes ran to work and I ran to the airport where Bri and Ty took me in the geo. And then were pulled over for expired plates. Whoops. Anyway. Oh and minor detail... Kristin had her babe! I spent all day Thursday after work at the hospital with them. Siena was born July 22 at 6:56 a.m.! She's beautiful and teency born at 6 lbs. 19 in. My cousin Daniel and his wife Tricia also just had their baby girl! Roslyn Stolworthy is beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her!


  1. Funny post, Rachel, I didn't cry when my boys left home that I remember but I did cry when both of my girls left me! Now years later it is still my girls that stay close to me! But I do understand the man thing...no apron strings for them! Moral of that story is that every woman should have at least one daughter! Lucky Kristin and Stephanie that managed to do that!

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