22 was a great birthday, I must say.

First I had work.  Then Weston got called out on a flood.  Then Dani treated me to glitter toes!
Which, by the way, are the greatest things ever...I LOVE having them!
She also got me the one line Journal that's 5 years long...it's amazing & I was SO excited, because I've been wanting one for a long time!
look how sparkly still & it was super cloudy outside!
Work gave me a balloon, which I loved carrying all over the MTC...
That night Dan Dan threw me a birfday party w/ my favorite cake! Strawberry cake w/ Coolwhip on top!
The cute hubbers
My favorite expecting pair!
Birsday giirl!
 so much love
I love how my cousins on both sides of my family grew up knowing eachother & spending holidays together, too! It makes birthday parties so much FUN!
P.s. Kristin is due in 3 weeks & I'm ecstatic! Her baby shower is today!!
Cousins.  Keith telling us a story about after his accident.  If you can't tell he is pushing a wheel chair.  & hunting squirrels.
Cute Michelle & friendly Ty
Hank <3
hahahahah unintentional glamor shot.
I guess it just comes natural to her...and the sunset
I said something completely inappropriate. & we all like to pretend we're really immature.
Thisthers that I love!
Hank was too lazy to stand up. So he leaned against the bench.  Running around in the rain can be exhausting
My adorable gift bag I scored at DI

The Mr. got me the first three seasons of my favorite show.... Boy Meets World!
And lastly...Mom & Dad got me a piano from Craigslist!!! ahhh I LOOOOVE IT! I still need to get it tuned, but I was so so so so so excited!


  1. This has to be about one of your top ten entries, Rachel! I really very much enjoyed all the photos of all your darling people and especially the birthday girl! This has got to be the coolest medium that allows us to be apart of each others lives in such a sweet way! Happy Birthday once more to the one I love! The rest of you can wait until it is YOUR birthday! lol

  2. You and Danielle need to coordinate your captioning. She does her captions below the pictures and you do your captions above the pictures... it causes a lot of grief when i switch between blogs...


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