Just refound this & loved it even more. 

This was 2 summers ago.  Such a fun summer!

I was so happy to finally have my Kristin at BYU with me!  Now she's expecting a baby in a few days!! ahhhhh the anticipation is killing me!  Tyler is not the father, though they sound pretty when they sing together!

any music recorders out there wanting to make a legit copy of them singing this so I can have it on my itunes for my pleasure?  Please?

also, please ignore my little cheers.  I was smiling so big behind the camera & sometimes I forget to keep my jowls shut while I'm recording vids.



  1. HAHA! This cracked me up! Darling Kristin...so much can happen in 2 years!

  2. The future can change on a dime it seems! Loved the revisit of this special number by Kristin and Tyler! I'm so excited for Kristin and Joel and also for Heather and Chris Pogue, both due to have baby girls at the same time! Too bad they don't live closer together! It really thrills me that you and Danielle are close by to be a friend, not just a cousin, as Kristin and Joel embark on a new adventure with a firstborn baby! Can't wait to see all of you guys!


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