My firefighter man!

 After he got home from a fire!
 I always get a detailed play by play of the fire.  It is mostly entertaining due to Weston's sound effects & reenactments.
 This is him describing yesterday's fire and a ridge.
Don't forget his chips & salsa to keep him from passing out while I'm cooking dinner!
 This is how I now set the table.
Minus the dishes & food.
I usually am the water drinker of our marriage. I usually beat him to the punch & am finishing his water.  But not during fire season.  He'll chug & finish in half a second & then finish mine, which is not my idea of a good time. So now I'll set him up with three glasses so we can sit at the table for a little longer.  It's probably a good time to invest in a pitcher!
 Remind anyone else of "Chim Chim-i-ney, Chim Chim-i-ney, Chim Chim Charoo!"
 His brand new sparkling boots sparkled their way out of the store & that was the last of their cleanliness.
He got some gnarly blisters though, poor guy waddled in the front door last night!
He's just so cute & loves his job! 


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  1. Cute photos and especially loved the hand photo! Hands are so personal and they can tell a story. Stephanie did me the most fabulous favor when she took a photo of my Mother's hands as she crocheted baby booties! I'll always be grateful to her for getting that photo!


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