Weekend Weekend Weekend...please come soon!

After all week working daytime at the redcross & afternoon/nights at the Redcross/ Branbury & Saturdays at the Health center....

The Mrs. & Mr. will be spending their *4* day weekend here.
Yes. FOUR days.
I am taking Friday off of the Red Cross & the Mr.'s fire crew has the day off.

We will SO be having a party!
Monday we will be stopping by a cemetary to pay our respects to service-man as Grandpa Brink always advocated.

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans?


  1. We're doing to Moab for our weekend as well!

  2. I will be involved in volunteering at the Memorial Day Service in downtown Franklin at the Five Points area. My RWWC club sponsors this and there will be veterans, a flag raising, etc. Most likely I'll be handing out fliers, passing out water bottles that the club sponsors for the locals. What else I will be doing I don't know yet. It will be great but promises to be a hot day, predicted to be high of 92 in Franklin on Monday, Rachel and Weston!

  3. FUN, Rachel! We will be traveling to Manhatten that day and staying for almost a week. Should be an adventure! Finally get to see ground zero + other stuff! Have fun and BE SAFE!


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