Mayo vs. Miracle Whip


Do you use either?

We have a problem in our house.

I was raised a Mayo girl.

Weston is a Miracle Whip boy.

I never understood how ANYONE could like Miracle Whip, it's so tart.  Grandmother always told me it's a western thing and all the western people like Miracle Whip & Mayo is a southern thing.

Apparently disgust for Mayo way outbeats the disgust for miracle whip.  This morning, I made Weston a Miracle Whip & Tuna sandwiches[there is something SO wrong with that] for his lunch today.  I ended up having the leftover mixture for breakfast.

Who EVER would imagine I'd eat Miracle Whip ever?  Then again, I do like the lower calories part of it!


p.s. Which one do you put on your sandwich?


  1. I am all about mayo, I can't STAND miracle whip! Jonny loves mw though. yuck!

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  3. Mayo for sure. We have the same situation in our house haha

  4. Miracle Whip = NASTY. I am SO a Mayo girl.

  5. Ewwww!!! Miracle Whip is DISGUSTING!!!!

    ...and I did a blog post about this last year. So funny! :)

  6. People really eat miracle whip? ick..
    I'm a western girl and I don't touch that stuff!

  7. Miracle Whip (Light) all the way, baby!

  8. haha, we had this problem when we were first married too. I grew up with miracle whip and Jordan grew up with Mayo...I don't really care either way, but we just use mayo now...light mayo.

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  10. DEFINITELY MAYO! Miracle whip is sooo nasty!lol I just found out that my sellers side gparents have this same problem..STILL!lol so they keep both around.lol


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