9/11 Never Forget

Wow, powerful.

I'm watching '7 Days in September' on Netflix right now.

Wow, it is extremely emotional.  But not sensationalized or dramatized.  It's live footage taken by average joes who were in the area.  

Ironically that that picture is on the cover, because I busted out in tears during that part of the movie.  Wow it is so moving.  If any of you have netflix go watch it on the instant play.  Or go find somewhere to find the documentary. {disclaimer, it contains some choice words}
Amazingly the SEALs have gotten rid of the evil man behind 9/11 & we need to all remember our safety doesn't come free.  It's because of those military men.  My Grandpa Dean recieved a purple heart as he drove a Jeep up to Hitler's house in WWII.  My Great-Grandaddy was in the Navy.  I have uncles in the Navy, Airforce and Army who served in Vietnam, Cousins in the Airforce, Navy & Army who have gone to Afghanistan.  My father-in-law in the Navy, Grandpa Brinkerhoff in the Army.  Mine & Weston's family's military roots dig deep & I am so proud & honored to have such noble people in my family.

Not to mention, my husband who is a firefighter.  I think about how all of those firefighters & police officers & search/rescue teams who were inside the towers as they fell.  All those people buried alive to save someone else.  They made the greatest sacrifice for those people inside.  It could have been one of our loved ones.  I'm sure each of you somehow had a connection to someone affected by the 9/11 attacks directly.

I remember I was in 7th grade at Freedom{ironic?} Middle School in Franklin, Tennessee.  In Mrs. Niznik's room for 'home base.'  A teacher came running in screaming that the World Trade Center towers had been hit.  We turned on the TV.  We spent the morning in classes watching the news. Not knowing what to think or do about it.  I didn't even know what the World Trade Center was.

I can't believe this is the decade mark of that disaster.

I'm glad that the evil planner of this attack is dead.



  1. I've never seen that movie, but it sounds like a good one to watch. Here's what I was doing on 9/11:


    P.S. I love your new header, and I think the deer in your bedroom are adorable!

  2. I have never heard of this, but I'm going to look it up, for sure. Love you!


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