Wes after hours of hard work & talking to the 'next guy up' got his start date pushed up a week! so he has today & tomorrow off & then gets to start Monday instead of NEXT Monday!  Every penny helps & the Lord sure is watching after us!  There have been so many little personal miraculous portions of this fun little job experience for the past 8 months of marriage & it reminds me how much the Lord loves all of us!

OH & btw I've got to brag on the sister again.

All of her 32 students got in the 90th percentile.

Even the one with autism.
And the apathetic ones.

EVERY single one.

She sure works hard & way more hours than most at her job & those kids have learned so much because of her!

She deserves to be teacher of the year!


  1. That sure makes me happy to hear both about Weston's job and Danielle's kids ranking way up there, too. It is sure nice to get some good news once in awhile! Life is stressful for so many that I know right now! Whoever said that this life is a test, got it right! Smiles for you two and good to know that you were able to shake things up a bit, too! I always knew you would be movers and shakers in the world, Weston and Rachel!

  2. GREAT NEWS of course about Weston! I was so happy to hear this! Also, just to give Danielle a little more kudos-They all scored 90% and UP! Many, many of them scored 100% AMAZING!!! I'm so proud of her accomplishments, too and also so happy for these kids that they have a teacher and a school that really cares about their success!!


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