Lesson Learned!

The husband hasn't been feeling well & so he's taking a little snoozer & I went out to put another coat of polyurethane on the desk, WHICH is looking amazing! [it has been raining since last friday & we've been dying to finish the desk...well a utah rain=a tennessee humid day] so I jumped on the first sunny opportunity I had & put on another layer & I learned a pretty good lesson:
Don't rinse a foam brush drenched in polyurethane with your hand. 

No matter if you risk the brush going hard and stiff.  It is WORTH another trip to the Dollar General.

My hand is now collecting all sorts of new little friends!



  1. messssy! I feel your pain there-you prob know this trick but just put that little brush in a plastic grocery bag and it's good to go til the next time. And mineral spirits is all that will wash off your brush and your hands! xoxox...can't wait to see your desk!

  2. I'm jealous that you are going to get to see her desk, Kari! Glad you had a sunny day to make it happen, Rachel! I feel your pain, too, with the mess though.


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