boots, bags & burns

So, life is insanely busy, but good!

Testerday was a day full of boots, bags & burnt boobs bodies.

I don't have a single complaint!
Wes has been polishing his boots & has replaced his torn & knotted boot laces with leather laces.
Which only means one thing...fire season is around the corner!
...yeah, I thought the same thing.

Yesterday Tash was still in town from Thursday's treatment, so we did a photo shoot on my lunch break...at noon..hahah yeah HARSH lighting! but some of them turned out really good!

Then I got all dolled up to go to Ashley's reception last night.  I went to pick up Kris, I called her as I pulled into the driveway to tell her I was there.  She said "I guess you didn't get my text..."  ??no? "well, I burnt myself & I probably won't be much fun tonight" "What the heck!? I'm coming in!"
I ran in & was greeted by a teary-faced Kristin!  She just kept apologizing for crying, bc of her pregnancy...uhm, if you saw that burn it would make you cry, those were no pregnancy tears, those were "HOLY COW, MY FLESH JUST GOT BURNT OFF" tears!  I told her that she isn't allowed to not go to the Doctor.  She's having a baby in July & it's not totally kosher to be pregnant & have infections.
So,  I cancelled our carpool w/ Erin & Michelle who were already at my apartment, ready to go to the partaaaaay.  We boogied on up to Timpanogas Hospital & got her into the E.R.
They helped her get the burn cream & we got to leave there at about 8:30, then off to walgreens to fill the prescriptions!
poor girl!

Want to know how to do it?
In a few days, when this isn't nearly as painful for her, I'm sure it will be a lot funnier...
Except I still teased her about it last night, but only bc she was laughing.
She was ironing the darts down on her dress....while it was on....
One side was fine...but she went to iron the other dart & her iron just exploded steam...& it burned....all the way through her layers.
I won't tell you the Dr.'s advice, but just know it was hilarious, & we laughed really hard.
all in all it was a wild night!
& then back to Branbury for a shift till 2am....& then to the health center this a.m. at 8
I look absolutely nasty, but work is almost over..45 more minutes....

So what is the bag part of this post?
I got off work yesterday to find THIS:
Do you know where that Camel had just been?  On husband's back...for 7 miles...running straight up the canyon.  He sweats sitting in 65 degree weather. Okay, does that tell you how gross that is? bahah I said 
"EW! What is that thing doing in there?!"
"I'm cooling it for tomorrow's 13 miler!"
"EWWWWW, let's just take the bladder out of the bag....?"
hahaahhaha naaaasty
I took the picture & he said, "Eh, take it from further out, because that looks really gross!"
"that is really gross." 
ha ha ha ha 
He's still adjusting to living with a girl.
& I'm still adjusting to living with a boy.
It's really fun!

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