We got this letter today at the Red Cross

Dear Families of Japan,
My name is dakota & I am 5 years old & I live in America.
I am really sorry to hear about the tsunami & earthquake. 

I hope your houses & country get fixed soon. 
I know that god loves you & will help you through these hard times. 
Remember to be happy & to love one another I am saving some money to send your way. 
I hope this letter finds you happy if you would like to right me back I would love to hear from you.  Please send a letter to me.
[he also senta picture he drew of him writing them the letter]


  1. So many hurting in both Japan and in the deep south now, too, after those terrible, horrible tornados wiped them out! I'm so proud of Mark and Chase for giving up their valuable time to be of such great service to the people of Alabama! Thanks for sharing this, Rachel. It is nice to see a charitable heart fostered in the young!

  2. Super sweet little letter! She said it PERFECTLY for all of us!


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