So remember that whole fire job we were so excited about? Yeah, you better believe it!  There was a 'glitch'! 

Seriously, its been a rough few months where it feels like finally we won't be living paycheck to paycheck... & then some hiccup comes.
There's a lesson to be learned here, right?
I'm still trying to convince myself.

15 minutes before Wes was done w/ his first day with his new crew his captain found out that his letter telling him he was employed said his start date or hire date was May 22.  Not May 9 like everyone else.  They went to investigate why.  It was because some person in Albequerque, NM didn't get Weston's paperwork submitted on time.  Seriously writing this brings me to tears.  The whole finances department has seemed to be impossible since we got married.  But we're plugging along.

I am regretting the fact that we passed on his other Fire Service job offer in Draper that would have started May 2nd. 

Please pray for us


  1. Totally will pray for you...you just have to think of it as "how likely is that to happen?? like seriously?!?" and then be like "oh yeah, it's totally random that happened..."

    divine intervention? i think yes. why? no idea. obviously a better reason than we can think of :)
    i feel ya in the finances department!


  2. Shelbs, you are sure amazing! Thank you for the awesome positiveness! We're doing a lot better, I was just throwing a pitty party!


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