My little cousin Kristin got married last August & is having a baby in July!  They don't waste any time!  & I cannot WAIT for that little pumpkin to come out!! I'm expecting a namesake, I mean, we'll share birthday months after all...
Anyway, I played around with my new camera yesterday w/ her & the hubbies, but sadly this blog just isn't putting the pictures on here prettily, but I swear they're really crisp & not grainy in real life ;)
I know Grandmother will particularly love these pictures!



  1. GREAT pics, Rachel! I particularly like #3 and #5! They are excellent! Glad you are loving your new camera!

  2. I really LOVED these photos, Rachel! I wish I had photos of when I was pregnant, especially with the twins, cause it would be hard to believe how big I got with two babies! I gained 30 total pounds with two babies and back into my regular clothes very soon there after. Kristin looks radiant and Joel, pleasant as ever! They truly are a very special couple!

    Thanks for sharing these lovely shots that will be only a happy memory just a few years down the road. I feel so sorry for those people who lost their belongings but mostly those who lost their photos in the tornados that went through the south last week!


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