We all got to be home for Spencer's Court of Honor! Party!
No break is a vacation without a face-in-hole picture!
Pictures on the bridge. Typical.
A little piece of heaven.
Downtown Franklin is where the heart is.
Kristin & I in the car.
Jenna, Kelsey, Katie, Rena & I at lunch at the new Jersey Mike's on Carothers. Yum.
Mom & Grandmother before 2012.
RIP Ginormous 50c popcorn buckets.
Brian, Me, Chase & Ian.
My Mom & I.
Wow TN would be green still in the Winter.
Doesn't it know it's supposed to snow?
Obviously didn't get the memo.
p.s. Still get to talk to McDreamy every night. Wow I'm a lucky girl! He made it and is alive and well in Idaho now.
Countdown to see him again 13 days.


  1. Fun post, Rachy! It was a wonderful break, wasn't it. FYI, it'll be colder in Franklin this week than Provo...that should help your departure some! I'll MISS YOU!

  2. I sure did enjoy this post, Rachel! It was so fun to see all of the pictures of people I love so very much. It was great to have you home again, even for a short time! Thank goodness for your blog and FB and email to be able to keep in touch and look at your pretty, happy face! Hope this next semester goes well for you! We have missed you girls a lot already!


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