Another Tender Tennessee Christmas!

If you've never heard that song, you've obviously missed out on Tender Tennessee Christmas, because basically it is all that plays on the radio. Snow does NOT = Christmas here in Tennessee! Dad & I @ the airport after he & Mom picked me up @ 1:00 in the morning, when my plane finally came in 2 hrs after the original ETA. My mom & I stayed up talkin till 4am...THAT is late.
A couple nights after I got home we had a get together with all the grown high school buddies. The High School Crewizzle. Tee-Tee, Mitch & I pretending to be a happy family. Jenna, Kels, Me & Mitch @ the College Kid Party, duh! Jenna, Me & Kelsey Spence acting surprised about what is going to be in the box! My 2009 Christmas Ornament! I love it. Deej & I in our Christmas Eve jammies! We danced around like "Whos" all night! This sums Spencer up. We love him.The only 16 yr old boy I know who gets Ben Franklin books for Christmas. Chase is so cute. He was so excited to join the NorthFace club this year! Mom got lots of socks from dad! hahah all individually wrapped as pairs. Better than the Christmas where she got a BOX of socks. Deej w/ her present from me! So, I really love love love my family. I love spending time with them. However, one of my favorite parts of this break has been Skyping with this beautiful face every night. I miss him. xoxoBestChristmasBreakEver!


  1. ahhh i love this post!
    i love you!
    I am so happy for you!!!!

  2. I love it too! I love that you DID come home to us this Christmas instead of hanging out with-you-know-who! It has been so fun!


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